Why Ecommerce Websites Need a Business Blog

Majority of ecommerce websites don’t have a business blog which is a huge mistake! Read this article and discover why every ecommerce website should have its own blog!


It is no secret that blogs do a lot of attracting customer’s attention and increasing online traffic to the website. However, blogs also have several other advantages that especially benefit the ecommerce websites and yet the majority of ecommerce websites don’t have a business blog.

Because of the fact that many ecommerce websites are not taking advantage of blogs, this can be a very important aspect that sets your website away from the rest.

In this article, we are going to present 4 reasons why ecommerce websites need a business blog:


  1. Blogs are important for SEO – In order to start with a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization or SEO and why it is so important for ecommerce websites and online stores, search engine bots have 2 functions – building an index and crawling content. This helps them to provide information to online users by determining relevancy. The goal of every ecommerce website is to rank highly on Google and other search engines so when potential shoppers are searching for a product, your website is one of the options in front of their eyes.
  2. Inform your reader – If you are absolutely sure that in order to take your business to the next level you need to have a blog then the next step is to put your target customers, as well as, your readers at the center of your project. You need to ensure you are producing content that isn’t only fun and enjoyable to read, but it also offers helpful information that will keep them returning for more.
  3. Share an experience or an interesting story – One thing that separates a great post to read from a boring one is the ability for the writer to share an experience or tell a story. For example, if you are writing a post and you have a customer story, a personal anecdote or other experience to share with the readers, make it your opening paragraph.
  4. Address a certain problem your readers may have – Try to empathize with a problem or inconvenience your readers may be facing. It is a great starting point to address a certain problem and share a solution.

So, are you going to create your own blog now?

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