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Importance of Installing an SSL Certificate onto Your E-commerce Platform’s Web Browser

Starting an e-commerce business is easier than ever today, thanks to the explosion of the best e-commerce website builders and free e-commerce websites templates. Pretty much anyone can create an online store for free and start selling products online. And if you want to take your e-commerce store up a notch, you can use a premium web builder and theme, which costs money. Besides a web builder, a theme/template and a web hosting service, one of the major aspects of your e-commerce store that you’ll have to take seriously is security. There are many aspects of security you’ll have to implement on your e-commerce store, and one of them is an SSL certificate.

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1. What is an SSL certificate? You might ask

Well, SSL is an acronym for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a small data file or security protocol utilized to safeguard data between two computer systems or machines using encryption. Today, many websites and e-commerce platforms use SSL certificates to ensure their customer data is safe. An SSL certificate may sound Greek to you, but it’s something you see every day when you search things online. An SSL certificate appears on the left side of your internet browser, and it’s characterized by a padlock, a browser bar changing to green, and the https protocol. All this indicate that the website is using SSL encryption.

2. What can happen to e-commerce websites that don’t use SSL encryptions?

If an online business person hasn’t installed an SSL certificate on their e-commerce store, spies and hackers can easily steal customer’s personal information, such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details.

3. How do you know an e-commerce website lacks SSL certificate?

You should always look at the browser to determine if an e-commerce store has installed an SSL inscription or not. Just look at the URL of the online store. An example of a URL is https://www.grainstore.com/m. Generally, the internet was built on hypertext transfer protocol (https). Sadly, the protocol, by default, isn’t secure. Any transaction done through it is insecure, which means hackers and spies can intercept it, alter it or even steal it. SSL certificate was innovated to alleviate people with bad intentions from gaining access to other people’s private data. So if you come across a website with https, it’s a secure platform because the S stands for secure. If the website lacks the S, then don’t try to enter your details on that site because it’s insecure.

Another indicator that an e-commerce lacks SSL certificate is an unlocked padlock icon on the website browser. If that’s the case, don’t try to enter your personal information on that site. A secure e-commerce platform should have a locked padlock icon. Also, in some cases, you might see a green address bar. This is also an indication that the site is secure and you can go on and key in your details. This shows that the e-commerce website is utilizing a particular kind of SSL certificate referred to as Extended Validation (EV) certificate).

4.Importance of SSL certificate to your e-commerce websites

SSL certificate cushions customers’ and your personal information from hackers and spies. Specifically, it ensures that data transmitted between servers is utterly secure. It’s also one of the Google’s search ranking factors, which means your e-commerce platform will rank high on search engines if you install SSL certificate on it. An SSL certificate cultivates customer trust. Customers will have a piece of mind paying for items on your site knowing that nobody can get access to their personal information. And this can tremendously increase your conversion rate.


If you haven’t installed an SSL certificate already, do it now. It could save you a lot of trouble. For example, it only takes one customer to be defrauded for your online business to start crumbling due to bad security reputation.